Gorges, granaries, roses and a palace

Excursion on Thursday

Korzeniowy Dół
The gorge of roots - a sunken lane in [loess] (less, Лёсс) sediment.
Die Schlucht der Wurzeln, ein Hohlweg in der Löss-Landschaft von Kazimierz Dolny.

Korzeniowy Dół

Kazimierz Dolny
One of the most beautifully situated little towns in Poland. A population of 2600 and 1.500.000 tourists. There are eleven historical granaries, rebuilt to nice hotels and a museum.
Die schönste Kleinstadt in Polen, 2600 Einwohner treffen auf 1,5 Millionen Touristen. Nach Ende der Ferienzeit war diese Stadt zu sozialistischen Zeiten ein stilles Paradies ohne Souvenirstände und touristische Strassenmöbel.

Rooftops at the little (Jewish) market square of Kazimierz. The synagogue is topped
by the church  and the ruins of the castle can be seen.

Kazimierz Dolny - market square (rynek)

Kazimierz Dolny - the organ
The author of this blog has written [Zamek Esterki] on Wikipedia. He will update the English and German versions of [Kazimierz Dolny] on Wikivoyage and wikipedia.

Czartoryski Palace with a beautiful garden.

Puławy - Czartoryski Palace
Dach des Sibyllentempels


The village of roses.

American, Latvian and Russian balloon teams with the Polish hosts.
It's hard work to create the main ingredience for rose jam cake.

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Dana and Ewelina.

Peahen to peacock:
They use hot air not feathers to fly

Excursion on Tuesday
Topics had been as far as I know: The village of Wąwolnica, the Park Laboryntow in Rąblów, the Muzeum Kowalstwa & Agroturism in Wojciechów.

The tower with the museum in Wojciechów.
(Public Domain by Archeo16)


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