Day 2 - Flight 4

Eight balloons - cut out of 30 - Nicola & Elisabeth had been out of sight,
 when Marija started and Aline rested on the ground.
Diana - Cheri - Nicole - Migle - Joanna - Ewelina - Sylvia
(left 2 right)
Astrid Carl is taking of - rank 8 after flight 4

Beata Choma's huge Tyskie "beer bottle" got applause by the men
and was filmed by nuns.

Katharina Kräck is starting - Alines balloon is deflating
The evening flight had been started at the park of Naleczow. It was the first launch of all balloons from a common launch place (CLP 2). The event attracted spectators from town and guests of the spas. The place was narrow for 33 balloons, the start window short: green flag plus twenty minutes.

Alines balloon was squeezed between the ballons of Katharina, Victoria and Tomoko. Finally it was not flyable.

Task 13: Maximum distance double drop - Winner: Agnė Simonavičiūtė (minus 25 points - blue PZ)

Task 14: Hesitation waltz - Winner: Nicola Scaife, now ranking third after rank 7.

Nachher ist es immer leicht zu kommentieren. Möglicherweise hätte man zuerst Katharinas Ballon mit zwei Ventis aufblasen sollen und anschliessend dann Alines mit ebenfalls zweien.


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