Nałęczów - Park Zdrojowy

Day 2 - Flight 3

Nicola Scaife & Kellie Keller (upper balloon) near the target
Queing up or the nicest balloon (from top):
Kim Magee - Sylvia Meinl - Maija Petric Miklousic - Caroline Splinters  
Queing up near the target - Astrid Carl (leftmost balloon)
Mia Fraser (AUS) dropping her marker close to the target

Ranking after three flights (12 tasks)

  1. Daria Dudkiewicz-Golawska, Leszno, Poland
  2. Agnė Simonavičiūtė, Lithuania
  3. Elisabeth Kindermann, Graz, Austria
  4. Julija Romanovskaja, Lithuania
  5. Kim Magee, USA
  6. Cheri White, USA
  7. Nicola Scaife, Australia
  8. Sanne Haarhuis, Netherlands
  9. Astrid Carl, Germany
  10. Kristin Vevere, Latvia
The provisional results had been in some cases totally different.

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