Balloons over Drzewce

Drzewce-Kolonia is something like a lost place. There is a ruin of a factory, some old but nice wooden houses and an impressive railway station - without rails.

IC, TLK and Regio "trains" are stopping there in the form of a bus service.

Two German balloons over Drzewce-Kolonia
Astrid Carl & Katharina Kräck

Day 1, Flight 2

Two tasks had been given: Maximum distance time and Fly on

Twenty balloons could be seen over Piotrowice and Drzewce-Kolonia. However they had been very high and to get all on one photo, I have to use wideangle and they became little dots only.

Daria "meeting" a Dreamliner - eastbound. Joanna Biedermann ist a pilot on Boeing Dreamliners.
Daria Dudkiewicz-Golawska from Leszno was ranking 4th and 5th on both tasks. She became the best Polish pilot, ranking 6th after seven tasks. Beata Choma from Poznan is ranking 9th.

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